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School of Music & Creativity

       School of Music & Creativity

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Our Heart

Our desire is to see a people develop and grow,

In Creative ways of expression,

In-tune with the flow, flow, flow...

In uniqueness and excellence,

That will affect the course of their Life,

And spill over and set,

Their communities, cities and nations a Light!

Our Heart is to show,

The hidden treasures that lie

In the Hearts of people,

In the caverns of their mines.

To dig out the gold and allow them to shine,

With their God-given talents,

And their abilities refined.

Our Heart

What we do

We offer Music classes for Individuals, Groups as well as Schools and Ministries. Instruments currently taught are Piano, Keyboard, Bass Guitar, Guitar lead and rhythm, Drums, Trumpet, Violin & Saxophone. We look to increase this variety in the future. These classes will assist in equipping students with basic Musical techniques, Music theory, Ear training as well as exposure to different styles and genres of music.

Also within our Music sector, we offer Creative Classes. These classes are provided for individuals who would like to increase their Musical ability through exposure into Songwriting, Vocal development, Music production and the Arts.

Our Visual Arts department includes : An Art department ( Painting, Sketching and exhibiting Artworks. Learners range from young to elderly. One on One lessons are available as well as group). 

A Media department  (Photography, videography and inspiration).  Group lessons available. 

We are based in the South of Johannesburg, Mondeor, South Africa, but also offer Mobile Services, in order to reach a wide range of Communities, Schools and Ministries. This Mobile Service is only available for Large Groups.

 We also assist in the equipping and empowering of Ministries across the Country and the World, to function in their Creative, Prophetic expression and Worship. We believe that our God given mandate is to express the Voice of God in creative ways (Psalm29). We offer various Workshops that are customised to suit your Ministry’s needs and desired Vision. 

We are further involved in many Outreach Projects as our heart is to see Communities and Cities transformed through God’s expression through the Arts.


Who we are

Spades for Kings, is an organisation that was founded and established by Ryan and Samantha Stephen in 2016. It is a School of Creativity, designed to expose gifts and talents placed within individuals. We offer a wide variety of Art sectors, in which a person can choose to learn to express themselves. They have been recognised and made appearances with students on SABC, with Idols winners, choirs and have had experience at Teatro Monte Casino, United Nations and many other corporate companies.


Ryan and Samantha believe the world needs to see your gift as they unlock the real purpose and destiny within you.

If you are unsure which one is for you, Assessments are offered for individuals who are uncertain of a specific Art expression that would suit their personality, ability and interest. We further believe that God is the Creator , which makes everyone Creative. Our Vision is to see people of all age groups tap into this ability, from Toddlers to Seniors.


Our Space to


Friendly and professional services. I will recomment young and old to take up the lessons - it's worth it!




Behind the name

Spades for Kings - King David psalmist & warrior

The history behind a Deck of Cards is not as familiar as it was centuries ago.The 4 Kings in a deck were named after real Kings who once lived.The King of Spades not only is the most powerful card in the pack due to its position, but also represents the King David,King of the Hebrews,Psalmist and Warrior from the bible. King Davids attributes can be seen on the card with the sword he used to slay Goliath as well as the harp he would compose psalms.

We believe this is a powerful depiction of what every musician and artist carries.

The "Spades" in Spades for Kings, symbolises the tools we use in equipping and empowering the present and future generations. Making ground for a future of freedom in Music & the Arts. The Psalms of David represent a King with the ability to shape the World around him. We desire to develop "Kings" & "Queens" that will fill the World with Hope & Love inspite of circumstances. Thus creating works of art that reflect the King of Kings Himself.

Spades For Kings??

Behind the name



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