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The start of a movement...

Updated: Jul 13, 2018

We're so excited to share with you all about our events and these upcoming posts about Spades for Kings Outreach & Worship movement...Called "The Promise".

The Need for an Encounter

The Promise Worship Encounter was birthed out of a hunger and desire to see the youth in our community set on Fire for God. In every nation there is a need for a generation to awaken to the reality of God. So many youth are lost in their purpose, identity and vision. This lack results in the destruction of themselves, their lives and communities.

It is this reason, that Spades for Kings has decided to have these Worship Encounters.That these individuals can experience a touch from an eternal, loving God, where their lives will be changed forever.

Through our partnership with many churches across the world, our vision is to assist in teaching and bringing a supernatural impartation of true worship to ministries and communities that will result in setting their cities a light.

Our encounters and outreach programs are designed to develop a passion for God within a generation....

We pray that many lives will be impacted through this blog and that the contagiousness of the Holy Spirit will leak onto you, as you join us on this adventure of impacting a generation.

Will be keeping you posted on all the details of our upcoming Worship Encounters (28th July 2018). Excited to share all the testimonies to stir you!

Holy Spirit Fire.

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